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✔  How do I live out my Christian values and still get ahead?

✔  How can I resist temptation?

✔ How do I overcome loneliness and isolation because of my faith?

✔  How do I balance out my life when there is so much demand for my time from everybody?

✔  How do I increase my value in the marketplace without sacrificing my soul or my walk with Jesus?

✔  How can I foster and grow meaningful relationships while succeeding in my career?

✔  How can I build my network more effectively?

✔  I have issues, I need accountability, but who can I trust?


CBMC Atlanta's Young Professional Offering is committed to coming alongside you during this very critical time in your life.  Do you need support and encouragement?  We are here to help!






At CBMC we want to invest in the next generation of men and help them on their journey to become great leaders.  Through our Young Professionals offering, young men under 40 can participate in peer advisory teams of 10-12 young professionals led by our CBMC trained facilitators.  These teams will meet once a month for three hours to accomplish the following: 

  • Deepen their faith experience through a balanced approach to spiritual growth and development.
  • Exposure and development with local Christian CEO’s, or Top Shelf Executives to advance the learning curve in living out faith in the marketplace with excellence.
  • Learn core leadership principles through a “Christian Work View.”
  • Learn how to be a thermostat instead of a thermometer to impact the godless culture in the marketplace.
  • Solve difficult life and business issues through a peer advisory team approach.
  • Develop a lifelong relationship with a CBMC Mentor to improve their overall learning experience in this growth opportunity.