John Posey, CBMC Atlanta Field Partner

John Posey has a unique gift; this gift is the ability to impact “the one” who impacts the many.  Whether a pastor, a marketplace minister (CEO), community leader, a father or mother, all of us have a God-given purpose to make a difference in this world.  John’s life’s mission is to help you make that difference. If it were boxing John is not Mohammed Ali, but Angelo Dundee. If you are into the movie like the Matrix, John is not Neo, but Morpheus. John is not the guy who stands in the stage light, but John is the person who supports and strengthens and maximizes the potential of “the one” who is on the stage.


From 2004 to 2007 John was appointed to serve on the president’s cabinet of Mark T Barclay Ministries International and The Righteous Preaches Network John's assignment was to provide leadership and support to Pastors across the United States.

John and Sandra travel fulltime across the country providing leadership and mentoring to local churches.

In 2007 John founded Ministry Education and Development Systems M.E.D.S. School of Ministry. This accredited schools mission is to develop and training ministry leaders in foundation doctrinal principle of the bible and preparation for ministry in the 21st Century.  With over 6 years of online video content MEDS is providing training and develop to students across the country. M.E.D.S. is managed and operated by individuals trained under his leadership tutelage.

Business Associations

John Posey served as Chairmen of Community Affairs with the Marietta Business Association, a member of the Leadership Cobb Alumni Association and a Graduate of Leadership Cobb 2006. John is also a member of The Commerce Club of AtlantaThe Club Corp also past members of the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce, The Vining’s Business Association.  John understands that the key to success in business is your ability to build strategic alliances and collaborations with individuals who are wealthy in “social capital”.


John Maxwell CertificationJohn is a certified trainer, coach and speaker of The John Maxwell Team. He is also a member in good standing with the Righteous Preachers Network, 7000 More Covenant Churches and Ministries, RHEMA Ministerial Association International and is also a leading minister in Church Builders International.

John has an associate in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelor in Pastor Theology and a Master’s in Pastoral Theology. A Doctorate in Pastoral Theology. He has taken numerous courses, classes and workshops earning certificates and certifications ranging from business management and leadership to life coaching and streaming media consulting. John believes the key to fulfilling your dreams is to grow into them

Lastly, John holds a fifth-degree black belt (master level) in Moo Duk Kwan, Tang Soo Do Martial Arts with the National Black Belt Karate Association.


John and Sandra (wife of 37 years) are the proud parents of three daughters: Rhea, Tasha and Alexus, one son “in love”, Deonte Saunders (married to Alexus) and VERY proud grandparents of Zoe Alexandria Saunders.

Steven Govender, CBMC Atlanta Chaplin

God called Steven  and Nancy Govender into full time ministry over thirty five years ago. They were associate ministers of Durban Christian Center in Durban, South Africa. Durban Christian Center is a fast growing all nations city church with a membership of several thousand. They pastored over two thousand people under the apostolic oversight of Dr. Fred and Nellie Roberts for fourteen years. They have been married for forty one years with two children, and three grand children.

Steven  travels extensively across the United States and abroad conducting extended Revival Services, Restoration and Present Day Truth Seminars.  The Govenders founded  and established Harvest Church International in Lafayette, Louisiana, and are available for ministry, seminars, and establishing Church growth. Presently their ministry Restoration & Restoration Ministries Int. is based in Atlanta Georgia and they work in collaboration with Zoe City Church. They were based in California for 14 years Pastoral/Itinerant. Dr. Govender  has been the Vice President of Team Outreach International in South Africa.

The Lord has divinely commissioned them to the United States of America as Missionaries in 1994 and to the nations of the world in preparing the church to embrace the present  move of the Holy Spirit and to help ignite revival fires. Dr. Govender ministers in a unique sense that God confirms His Word with signs and wonders following. 

The Govenders  are well received as they minister locally, nationally and internationally in an apostolic dimension with a teaching thrust and a prophetic edge. Their  passion is for a spiritual awakening, to see God restore order in the Kingdom, equip saints to do the work of the ministry, and encourage them to reach their full potential in Christ. Dr. Govender believes that, building the church is building God's people. These factors, which include self-awareness, self-discipline, and urgency for Gods people to pull together as a TEAM will strengthen the body and bring immediate benefits to your Church. You can be sure that he will bring a fresh word of life to your congregation.

Johnny Walker, CBMC Mastermind Group Team Leader

Johnny is an executive coach working with both individuals and companies.  Through coaching he has been able to assist professionals and teams navigate through difficult changes in company culture, increase job satisfaction, increase job performance, reach goals faster, and increase life satisfaction.

With a Masters Degree in Agency Counseling and Bachelors Degrees in both Religion and Sociology, he has been counseling and coaching clients for over 20 years.

Johnny is also a business associate with Integrity Solutions which offers companies increased growth opportunities through their Integrity Selling, Integrity Coaching, Integrity Service and Understanding Behavior Styles programs.  Many clients see a 20% increase in sales and greater employee retention through the use of these programs.

Utilizing the Integrity Selling model, Johnny went from law enforcement into sales, into an industry he had no previous experience in, and within 18 months was the number one sales person in his division nation wide.

Johnny has also developed the Foundational Core Values coaching model which is now a corporate training that increases employee engagement  by connecting the employees person Foundational Core Values with company values.  It also teach them how to move from emotionally based decision making to values based decision making.

Johnny is also the founder of Just Jesus Ministries, a ministry to high school and college students. 

You can learn more about Johnny and his work at:





Johnny Walker, MA, CPC

Executive Coach and Facilitator

(770) 456-5547


Paul Wilson, CBMC Atlanta Young Professionals Team Leader

As a chosen champion for those who yearn to fulfill their calling in the marketplace, Paul Wilson Jr. is deemed the “Dream Catalyst” for such a time as this. God has anointed him with a special gift to understand and effectively teach the powerful connection between our dreams and His divine purpose for our personal and professional lives. For more than a decade he has been training, equipping, and motivating young professionals to maximize their potential through spiritual empowerment, social entrepreneurship, economic advancement, and community development.

In addition to teaching business classes as an Adjunct Professor at Point University in Atlanta, GA, Paul trains young leaders to grow profitable, innovative, and sustainable Business as Mission/Ministry (BAM) entrepreneurial ventures built on eternal Biblical principles. Additionally, he provides business consulting and leadership coaching to highly motivated, high potential change agents who desire to use their careers to accomplish significant financial, spiritual, and social impact in the world.

Paul's most recent book, Inc. My Dream: A God Inspired Process to Turn Your BIG Idea into a Dream Business, is a powerful strategic planning tool for Christian entrepreneurs who desire to operate a Business as Mission/Ministry (BAM) enterprise. His first book, Dream B.I.G. in 3D: How to Pursue a Bold, Innovative God-Inspired Life, has helped countless numbers of people transfer the desire for a fulfilling life into a meaningful reality.

In addition to speaking and writing, Paul lives out his passion for community transformation through Kinsman Community Ministries, Inc., a training and development non-profit he co-founded with his wife, Shawnice.

Paul Wilson, Jr.




Gary J. Pernice, Big Events Team Leader

Gary Pernice

Gary Pernice is Executive Manager of Commercial and Nonprofit Organization Funding for Platinum Business Group, Ltd. Gary received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oral Roberts University of Tulsa, Oklahoma where he graduated Dean’s List and magna cum laude, and his Doctorate Degree with honors from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

Gary is a public speaker addressing business and church organizations on a variety of topics from business and planning to finance and capital needs. Gary also gives a riveting testimony on how he survived cancer with extreme odds. Gary has appeared on numerous local, state, regional and national television and radio programs, published a number of articles on mortgage finance, and his testimony of his climb back from catastrophic illness and personal failures in business and family.

Gary has three decades of business, mortgage funding, legal, and real estate experience. Having participated in over 200 real estate closings and hundreds of commercial and residential mortgage transactions, Gary brings a wide range of skills and personal relationships to Platinum.

Gary served as National Counsel to the National Charity Awards, a nonprofit organization with close affiliations with the White House in Washington, DC. As national counsel from 1989 to 1993, Gary had the duty and privilege of meeting with political leaders, former and current US Presidents, US Senators, Congressmen, and US Supreme Court Judges. His duties included working with Governors and state officials across the country, as well as a host of Hollywood’s elite, sport figures, and other notables bringing awareness to the nation’s charities.

Gary currently serves as advisor and senior legal research director to two general practice and litigation firms in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.

Gary was Chairman of the CBMC Atlanta Metro Area Leadership Team from March 2010 to March 2014, representing the Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC) to businessmen and women of Georgia, and co-founder of the Greater Atlanta Business Network (GABN) and its predecessor, an outreach of The CBMC that features business leaders presenting inspirational testimonies of their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ and the impact of their faith in business.

Gary and his wife have been married since 1985 and are members of Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia.

Santo Stephens, CBMC Atlanta Team Member

Santo Stephens

Santo Stephens is the President and Founder of Life’s Work LLC. Santo is a certified Life Coach and Professional Development Trainer. Life’s Work conducts seminars in Management, Sales, Marketing and Leadership Development to corporations and young adults throughout the country. Mr. Stephens has also embarked on a new partnership with National Scouting Report as the Director of College Scouting for South Georgia.

Santo received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Temple University and has completed post-graduate studies in Education.  Selected by the Kansas City Chiefs a free agent in 1992, Santo went on to play five years in the National Football League, joining the Cincinnati Bengals in 1994 and the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1995 where he holds the distinction of making the first tackle in franchise history. During his years in the NFL, Santo recognized his passion and gift for speaking and connecting with people on a personal level.  Life’s Work would create a life skills curriculum for at-risk and incarcerated youth. This program allowed him to see the need for a consistent educational and spiritual connection with both inmates and students. While attending Calvary Chapel Melbourne he became a part of their Men’s Leadership Council and an active member in Prison Leadership. Through this relationship he was introduced to Inmate Encounter and Bill Glass Behind the walls where his gifts have been allowed to develop and grow over the last several years.

As often as I come to bless the inmates, I find that they are the ones blessing me.”

Santo Stephens

Jimmie Lucas Jr, CBMC Atlanta Team Member

Jimmie Lucas Jr

About the Custom-Built Leader - When it comes to delivering leadership wisdom and developing leaders, he is called the Custom-Built Guide.  Jimmie L. Lucas Jr. has unparalleled credentials. Over 34 years of successful marriage to his Queen Judith, 30 years retired military / Senior Advisor in his field, the past 35 years of proven Senior Leadership, 25 years of business consulting and mentoring, Over 35 years in Christian Leadership (Ordain Minister), over 25 years of marriage counseling, over 25 years of serving youth, CEO of three International companies, author of more than ten books, keys to two cities in the United States of America, he has used his one-of-a-kind proven method -“Custom-Built LifeStyle™ ”teaching  -  to develop countless of successful leaders, families and organizations around the globe.

The Point Man/Guide of leadership has made his successful formulas available to CEOs, Senior Executives, Presidents of companies, Senior Military leaders, Professional Athletes, Deans of colleges, Mayors, Senators, U.S. business men, European businessmen, Clergy, managers, employees, house wives, youth and now to assist you in developing the Custom-Built tools to win in your family, business and in life.

The Custom-Built Leadership Series for leaders is unequaled or unmatched; peerless; unprecedented uniqueness for the “Total” Leader’s Life. Many are calling the series…not just the Blue Print but the “Life Print” for Total Leadership success. 

About the Books (now seven) – His first International Best Seller “Custom–Built By God (now updated 8.1), is being used around the globe for developing proper balance in a leader’s life and understanding one purpose. This unique work is presently in multiple languages. His newest series Custom-Built LifeStyle for Leaders & Families is the heart beat of leadership: Whether you're leading thousands, selling ideas to investors, leading/launching a new business or even negotiating for a higher salary, leading your family to greatness; “Custom-Built Man ~ Men have not Gone A.W.O.L. will transform the way a man think, talk, live and lead...from Leadership, relationship to Stewardship.

According to Mr. Jimmie, living, leading, developing, creating and presenting isn't an art…it's simply Custom-Built LifeStyle of Leadership (Proper leadership development). Applying the proven leadership principles, while sharing step by step exciting eye-opening stories of his techniques in action, Jimmie describes how to: reach, teach, train, trust, empower and develop leaders from the inside out. The Custom-Built LifeStyle teaching goes beyond a leader’s Gifts, Skills, Abilities and Talents (G-SAT). This transformational Character Leadership Development Training (CLDT) makes it easy to “Serve to Lead and then Lead to Serve.”

With this wisdom, insight, confidence and understanding your custom-Built uniqueness you'll remain in complete control of every stage of your leadership development. Because real leaders’ resumes are not on paper, it’s in and on the lives of the leaders we are leading or have led.

Travis Gassmann, CBMC Atlanta Team Member