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CBMC has many ministry resources to help you grow in your faith.

Explore below or click here to view our full list and get started with LivingProof Adventure, Operation Timothy, Marketplace Ambassador, and more.

Marketplace Ambassador

An initiative that Leads career-minded men through a transformational experience that develops business leaders who are intentional about integrating their faith with their work.


Learn more at http://marketplaceambassador.com/ 




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Prayer Net

What if Christian men of Atlanta could cast a net over the marketplace and reap a harvest of souls?  We know that nothing happens without prayer.  We invite you to partner with multiple churches and ministries in the Marketplace Ambassador PrayerNet Call.

Join us for prayer Monday-Friday 6:30 AM -7:00 AM

Dial: (518) 318-7962

Playback Number: (540) 792-0010 Access Code: 671209#

Why join us for prayer?

  • Cultivate a spirit of unity in the body of Christ throughout Metro Atlanta
  • Receive daily encouragement from our ten-minute devotional message
  • Pray together with other men for transformation in the Marketplace
  • Build authentic relationships with men of faith who are committed to being the priest of their homes.
  • Join in the power of agreement for needs in your life, business, and ministry
  • Be inspired as you hear other men pouring out their hearts to the Father God
  • Build your faith for miracles and favor in the marketplace
  • Breakthrough barriers of isolation, no need to do it alone
  • Grow your faith as you hear the Word of God through our devotional message and powerful word-based prayers
  • Cultivate a daily habit of seeking first the Kingdom in your spiritual journey

Send your prayer request to marketplaceabassadoratl@gmail.com



Marketplace Ambassador Advancement System

The Marketplace Ambassador Advancement System(MAAS) is grounded in 2 Corinthians 5:20 where the Apostle Paul states “So we are Christ’s ambassadors...” This system is designed to equip and empower men to become effective ambassadors for Christ in the marketplace (a.k.a. Marketplace Ambassadors). It was developed because technology is changing the way men work and learn and today’s expectation is that relevant content will be delivered digitally on all platforms. It is free to sign up and use.

Visit http://advance.cbmc.com/ 


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MA 300 - Evangelizing for Churches 

MA 300 helps prepare and train every person in your church to be fully engaged in the mission and vision of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ into a lost and dying world.

The greatest force for good already exists in the church today; it is the army of believers in your church! What if there were a way to train and mobilize a team of disciple makers who served effectively on Sunday morning and were unleashed as Marketplace Ambassadors Monday through Friday? What if this army were empowered to organically duplicate themselves for four generations? Pastor, what if you created a culture to duplicate the most faithful leaders and members in your church? How would that impact the vision and mission God has given you? What if those leaders and members were trained to increase their value in the marketplace leading to promotions, and greater influence and income in the marketplace? What if your most faithful leaders and members where tweaked to build a culture of team unity? Is this something you would like to hear more about?

Learn more at https://atlanta.cbmc.com/ma300

Young Professionals

The Atlanta Young Professional Purpose Intensive is a proactive movement for preparing millennials for the future. We are committed to empowering a new breed of Christ-Centered marketplace leaders who are not only innovators in the workplace, but skilled in cutting-edge personal and spiritual growth solutions.


Learn more at https://atlanta.cbmc.com/atlyp

Connect3 Training

Connect3 Teams are designed to bring Marketplace Ambassadors together (usually weekly) for the purpose of connecting with the vision , mission and values of CBMC as it connects them to God, to one another, and to the cause of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ into the marketplace.

They serve as the foundation to all of our evangelistic and discipleship efforts. By spending meaningful time in fellowship, praying for those who are still unconvinced about Christ, sharing personal needs and hurts, and studying how to apply biblical principles in all areas of life team members grow together in unity and purpose. 

 Learn more at https://www.cbmc.com/connect3


Leadership Coach Training

Leadership Coach Training is the intentional development of businessmen to be:

  • empowered by Christ
  • reflect authentic Biblical leadership
  • model connectivity
  • serve within networks
  • and function as a part of a flexible, Spirit-led leadership team.

To sign up for the next LLI training in your area, talk to your CBMC field leader or call the Field Ministry Support staff at 800.566.CBMC. You may contact us here.

Learn more at https://www.cbmc.com/lli/coaching

Operation Timothy

Operation Timothy (OT) is a relational discipleship tool named for the Apostle Paul’s discipling of young Timothy. It is a progressive Bible study designed to help people grow spiritually and is rooted in the Great Commission, “as you go, make disciples of all nations.”

Mentors or disciplemakers have a choice of using an electronic version of OT Signature or OT Classic (1995 edition).

Learn more at http://advance.cbmc.com/products/operation-timothy



LivingProof Adventure

LivingProof Adventure is a small group video-based training series for lifestyle evangelism. In this series, you will see principles of “living proof” presented in compelling videos and real testimonies. It will give you a framework to determine where those “in your traffic” pattern are on their spiritual journey. You will learn practical ways to help them take one step closer to receiving Jesus Christ. The goal is to challenge you to recognize that as Christians we are, in fact, Ambassadors for Christ as stated in 2 Corinthians 5:20. And as Ambassadors, we are representing Christ to those around us, literally as living proof of His love, grace and mercy. 

Learn more at http://advance.cbmc.com/products/livingproof-adventure


Leadership Institute

Helping a senior business leader become the leader God designed him to be while building a business of excellence that brings glory to God.

Learn more at http://www.cbmcleadershipinstitute.com/