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Why MA 300?

The greatest force for good already exists in the church today; it is the army of believers in your church! What if there were a way to train and mobilize a team of disciple makers who served effectively on Sunday morning and were unleashed as Marketplace Ambassador Monday through Friday? What if this army were a empowered to organically duplicate themselves for four generations? Pastor, what if you created a culture to duplicate the most faithful leaders and members in your church? How would that impact the vision and mission God has given you? What if those leaders and members were trained to increase their value in the marketplace leading to promotions, and greater influence and income in the marketplace? What if your most faithful leaders and members where tweaked to build a culture of team unity? Is this something you would like to hear more about?

Sometimes leaders and members in your church need encouragement by someone outside to reinforce things you have been saying for many years. This is what is needed in the body of Christ. The Marketplace Ambassador Team is here to encourage you and the pastor in what you desire to accomplish in a way does not bring administrative on financial burden to your already maxed out schedule. You like many pastors are already overworked and underappreciated. Don’t you think it is time to get a little help for proven and trustworthy leadership team who agenda is simple. Lift the burden of ministry off of the pastor back by equipping his leadership team to work as a skillful team so the pastor can attend to high priority task, along with equipping to take the Gospel to their sphere of influence. These future ambassadors for Christ already live in the communities, work in the marketplace and who have family/friends who are engaged in the schools.

Just imagine if the majority of your congregation was passionate about Jesus Christ and were trained to share their faith stories and able to lead people to Christ, what kind of eternal impact might happen? What if the church knows how to disciple the next generation, how could this change your community?

MA 300 helps prepare and train every person in your church to be fully engaged in the mission and vision of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ into a lost and dying world.

How Does MA 300 work?

We partner with churches to provide training, tools, resources, facilitation of small groups to more effectively do the work of:

Leadership Development

Personal Development

Business Development

Lifestyle Evangelism

Discipleship Culture

Dynamic Team Ministry

MA 300 will change your people for eternity. Your church will become a dynamic force for good in the community.

 How many people can be involved?

We suggest up to a minimum of 10 up to 40-50 people. Small enough to miss you when absent and large enough to carry on discussions and care for each other. Start with what you have. Every member can participate.

What resources does MA 300 offer?

Spiritual Reproducers

Operation Timothy

Living Proof Adventure

Connect 3 – Team Building

Leadership Development

Leadership Coach Training

The Ten Attribute Spiritual Health Assessment Training

In addition to these training series, you will also have the option of a host a customized training session for your unique ministry. 

Is there a monthly fee for the Church to participate? No!!  Individuals will sign up for their part and receive over $2000 worth of training.

Is MA 300 supported by a denomination? Or a group of denominations?

Nope. We belong to Christ alone! That being said, all brands of church folks and Jesus-Followers belong to this movement. 

How do I join an MA 300 training or schedule an Info-Session meeting?

Complete this form and let’s get started!